All Eyes On You 

“Life At The Gym” is a rather interesting, weird and exciting experience, however for some people the gym life can be slightly daunting and scary. I can’t really say it’s the actual gym that scares most people, NO the most scariest thing for people at the gym is other people at the gym. 

I decided to write today’s blog because so many of my friends have spoken to me about how intimidated and scared they are of other people watching them in the gym, that they are put off going to the gym or trying new things at the gym? I think for some people they really do wish that they could have the gym to themselves but honestly how boring would that be! 

I won’t lie to you we as humans are a curious bunch and people will look at you work out or try figure out how to use a machine. That’s life. I watch other people but I am also aware people watch me. It’s natural and it’s normal. I mean hey what else are we meant to do? Look at the same patch of wall all the time #yawn ! Other people make the gym way more interesting. 

Ok so how do you deal with people watching you!? Well my key tip is FOCUS! Just get on with what you are in the gym to do! Get into your own world maybe with your headphones on and get into your programme and just think about doing your best at your workout! When I am focused that one person looking at me whilst I deadlift doesn’t bother me much! I am just doing me! DO YOU and you will basically blank out the person watching without realising it. And to be quite honest with you unless you go to a really super creepy dodgy gym, most people who look at you are generally NOT thinking much about you but are just passing rest time before starting their next set. 

If you however have a super creepy guy/girl who stares at you then maybe have a word with one of the staff but really most of us have proper gym etiquette which means we DON’T STARE PEOPLE DOWN! That’s just rude. A glance here and there is ok but if someone has now swapped their weights for binoculars and popcorn with you in mind then a stern word is needed! That would give me the shivers if someone did that to me! 

I guess all I am saying is that people looking at you should never be a reason for one to avoid the gym. Have gym confidence. The fact that you are even taking care of your body should be a reason for you to walk in there with your head held up high. We secretly cheer on the person that is working super hard at achieving their goals. We may not say it but we do! Only small minded people will belittle you or make you feel uncomfortable. People who are passionate about fitness and health will help you if they see you struggle or will give you a smile which says “well done” all over it! 

So don’t hold back, hold your head up high in the gym and don’t let other people’s eyes be the thing that holds you back from reaching your goals  x

Stay Healthy

Much Love

Roni x

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11 thoughts on “All Eyes On You ”

  1. There’s another way to view this….perhaps they’re impressed with what you are doing. Smile and continue. There’s one guy who is the sit down and eat popcorn and stare intently, at my gym, he doesn’t phase me in the slightest. I simply accept that I don’t have a problem as long as he is greater than 10 feet away from me at all times. I also imagine him in a tutu and then try not to laugh out loud and look like a nut job. Another fantastic post.


      1. Ha ha.. it’s the only way to go. I’ve ended up confronting people in the past but now, a bit of reverse psychology is needed. The other thing to do is to ask them if they’d like a challenge and then give them something really obscure, perhaps dead hang for 45 seconds, straight into a pull up (strict form)… they’ll think twice about gawping next time.

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  2. Probably because I always wore my oldest tee’s😉
    Mind you I won a competition for being fastest older women’s rower!


    1. Thanks Joy! I think a lot of us do find this uncomfortable but I guess it’s gauging whether someone is a just glancing or staring 👀🙈 🙂 xx


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